Preparation For A Friend’s Wedding

When you are asked to become a bride’s maid for your friend’s wedding you have a choice to say yes or no. But you never choose the option no. It is always yes unless if you are out of the country and you could not make it for the wedding due to some unavoidable situation. When you say yes the whole situation changes your free time. Since every free time will be spent going around with the bride and the other bride’s maids looking for everything for the wedding. Most of your free lunch breaks will be spent hunting for bridal dresses and matching bride’s maid dresses which may not be an easy task. If not they will need it stitched and you will need to go for measurement taking, then keep on visiting the tailor for dress rehearsals. If you are a person who hates dress rehearsals then you are in for a treat.


The painful parts

The next stop will be the beauty salon. You will have to go through the process of hair removal in CBD, facial, treading, haircuts etc. to make you look alike with all the other bride’s maids.  These processes involve many of the lunch breaks and sometime you will even have to take a leave from your work to be there at the same time as the others.

Moreover you can always opt for a painless hair removal method since it is best for you as you will be going for these during work hours and you do not want to look like you went in to a fight with someone. There are many methods that you could opt for hair subtraction such as approved cream, or even shaving. But whatever the method it should be painless. Hair cutting and facial should be done one week before the wedding since it will give enough time for any adverse reactions to creams to settle in. Furthermore hair cutting also should be of something to your liking and not just cause they asked you to cut hair.

Wedding jitters

If this is your first time being a bride’s maid or being a focus of a large crowd you are bound to feel nervous. Therefore it will be better for you that you do not be the first person to step out. There will always be a possibility that you may ruin the wedding for your friend by fainting or being frozen to one spot without moving. Moreover you should be encouraging the bride to walk the aisle not the other way around.

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